. . . writing words is similar like weaving the web, one is created to catch a pray the other imagination.
  • How much does switching to totally clean energy cost?

    In order to fix global warming, there are two general approaches we need to take: stopping future greenhouse gas emissions and removing existing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, down to a stable level (around 350ppm) Currently, the highest contributors to global warming are the greenhouse gases Carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4)-both significantly added to Earth’s atmosphere as a consequence of the Industrial Revolution and resultant changes in our lifestyles. As the main cause of global warming is the usage of fossil fuels, this post will show what it takes to replace all our energy sources with clean energy and how to do it quickly enough, in order to avoid terrible consequences that can, in some predictions, lead to the extinction of [Read more ...]

  • Sensible Patronage

    Politics, economy, ecology, wealth distribution, automation... it seems the entire world is falling apart. You would like to help and do something, but you do not know how. The simplest thing you can do right now to make our world a better place - one that does not require lot of your time or resources - is called patronage. [Read more ...]

  • What is the Risk of Being a Patron?

    One of the complaints I have heard against patronage is that the people you support may trick you. Let’s consider that scenario. Let’s say we start by giving $1 per month, and we do that for the next 12 months. After 12 months, we’ve realized that the person you have pledged to has not done much. We feel tricked and decide to stop [Read more ...]

  • Religious Donations

    Somehow, throughout history, we have been gathering around our fires and holy grounds. For thousands of years, we have been told that we should build places of worship. Even now, when one would think we’ve had enough time for everything to settle down, different religious leaders still compete to build more, taking yet more [Read more ...]

  • It is Your Fault the Rich are Getting Richer

    No, this is not one of those motivational speeches where I am trying to convince you that you can become rich if you start wishing. Also, it is not one of those stories where I am explaining that you’ve let this happen by not engaging in political processes. Although all those contributed to the issue, this is not what I want to address [Read more ...]