. . . writing words is similar like weaving the web, one is created to catch a pray the other imagination.
  • Climate Change Defeatism

    Guy R. McPherson is known for his alarmist attitude about global warming, and, although I do not have anything against voicing warnings when danger is real, I am strongly against defeatism or public speech that promotes that all actions are futile. Please listen this video until 17:30 and then continue: [Read more ...]

  • The Importance of Efficiency

    All climate change effects would be less harmful with greater efficiency. It is said that, worldwide, we waste approximately 60% of energy and 35% of all the food we make. What does that mean? In terms of energy, that means that, for every 10 gallons of fuel we burn, we waste 6 gallons. Also, it means that if we would use that energy better, we would, on average, travel 625 miles, instead 250 miles with the above-mentioned 10 gallons of fuel. If we take that a gallon of gasoline costs $3.50, instead of paying $87.50 for a 625-mile trip, we would pay $35. In the grand scheme of things, it also means that there would be fewer tanker trips and that overall we would [Read more ...]

  • The Same Belief - Opposite Views

    After death, each religion offers something — some kind of hope that there will be a more after we die. For instance, Hinduism offers a reward in the form of reunion and rejoicing with the Godhead (Atman, universal spirit, universe...). Christianity is trying to convince us that a person’s soul will enjoy or suffer for eternity in paradise or hell, based on how that person lived life. Islam, under the influence of Christianity, teaches a very similar thing. In Judaism, there is a promise that souls and bodies will be resurrected when God decides [Read more ...]

  • Case for God's existence

    Timeless questions: does God exist, and is the universe simulated? The news has never hesitated to spur big claims. Recently, when they wrote, “Physicists find we’re not living in a computer simulation,” 1  2  3  it seems they have figured [Read more ...]

  • About Growth

    From time to time, I hear people saying, almost bragging, “I have grown so much,” or they say it comparing with their partners: “It is difficult when one person grows and the other does not follow,” complaining about their relationships. Each time I hear it, the thought crosses my mind, “They haven’t grown at all.” Whatever they grew, they boosted their ego as well, so, in total, as those characteristics cancel each other out, nothing really [Read more ...]