. . . writing words is similar like weaving the web, one is created to catch a pray the other imagination.
  • Leaves Sequestering – Ecological and other dangers

    The main purpose of this post is to answer a few concerns raised by people with an ecology background. At the beginning, it is helpful to grasp that, in order to understand complex concepts, parallel thinking is necessary—or at least holding multiple concepts at the same time. Unfortunately, even with graphs and videos, that is not possible, so it is necessary to read a text a few times in full and learn its concepts. If it was a computer source code, we would need to test run the programme multiple times with different parameters, and the aggregated result of those runs would give [Read more ...]

  • About Love

    A little girl always wanted to have a white rabbit. How can anyone resist them — they are so cuddly with that nice fur, and so cute with their small, twitching noses. One day, the girl’s parents decided to grant her this wish, but, as they could not keep it in the flat, they arranged with the grandparents, who had a shed behind the house, to keep small, white ball [Read more ...]

  • Problem with debates

    We are naturally inclined to admire and vote for the quick thinkers, those who will give us black/white answers on the spot. Our debate champions are those who will immediately burp out the answer, supporting it with a seemingly logical argument, often ignoring the real complexity of the problem. The person who sounds the most convincing is the winner. Can you spot the issue there? Imagine that you car broke, and it needs fixing. You take your car to the shop, and there are two interns and a public of 30, mostly unfamiliar with cars’ inner workings, that will decide the fate of your car solely on who is more convincing. Both guys were convincing, and both were wrong, but the public chose one. As it happens, the choice was not good enough to [Read more ...]

  • Loss of fertile land

    Most of the headlines in the news are rightfully taken by the threat of global warming, but there is an ongoing ecological disaster that will affect food production, a degradation of the topsoil, and we are not talking about it enough. A recent United Nations study showed that in the past 40 years one-third (1/3) of the Earth's land has severely degraded, and fertile soil is being lost at the rate of 24 billion tonnes a year, [Read more ...]

  • Brexit Cost

    Let’s first remember how everything began. First, David Cameron announced that a Conservative government would hold a referendum on leaving the EU, if elected in 2015. On 7 May 2015, they unexpectedly won the general election with a majority. In a speech to the House of Commons on 22 February 2016, Cameron announced a referendum date of 23 June 2016. In a referendum on 23 June 2016, 51.9% of the participating UK electorate (the turnout was 72.2%) voted to [Read more ...]